Specifics on premixed burner at Utah

Sooting flames in the laminar flow regime; premixed & diffusion flames

Specifics on premixed burner at Utah

Postby jlighty » Fri Aug 15, 2014 3:19 am

During the meeting some possible alternative burners were suggested. I mentioned that our burner was a pipe packed with tubes. Here is some additional information:

The chamber is a 5.08-cm (2") ID, Schedule 80, 12.7-cm (5") long pipe. Air and fuel enter below and a 2.54-cm thick bed of beads helps with the mixing. A tube bundle sits on top of the beads. The bundle is 0.159-cm (1/16") ID tubes which are 3.175-cm long. The tubes are packed into the pipe. There is a nitrogen shroud and a metallic mesh is place at about 3.5-cm above the burner surface to stabilize the flame.
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