Purchase Opportunity for Coflow Burners

Sooting flames in the laminar flow regime; premixed & diffusion flames

Purchase Opportunity for Coflow Burners

Postby CMcEnally » Thu Oct 23, 2014 7:40 pm

During ISF 2014 there was discussion of adopting the Smooke/Long burner (Laminar Coflow 3) as a standard configuration. At Yale we have prepared updated drawings that can be submitted to emachineshop.com to obtain copies of the burner. We will find some way to disseminate them.

The discounts for buying burners in volume are enormous: the approximate price is $784/burner for 1, $226/burner for 5, and $150/burner for 10. We are going to order at least 5 burners for our own purposes in a few weeks. If anyone else wants in, let us know how many you want and we will add it to our total. Either reply to this message or contact me (Charles McEnally) or Marshall Long directly.
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